Book Thugs Are Your Friend: The Fall BookThug Launch

Book Thugs Are Your Friend: The Fall BookThug Launch

The good folks at BookThug, one of Canada’s most daring and fun publishers, are descending on Kensington Market tonight to launch new books by Victor Coleman, Michael Boughn, Kate Eichhorn, Mark Truscott, Stephen Cain, Meredith Quartermain, Steven Zultanski, with musical guest Bry Webb of the Constantines upping the Wow factor. The free event, which also functions as a launch for the second issue of The Coming Envelope, kicks off at 7:30 p.m at The Supermarket (268 Augusta Avenue).

Managing Editor Jenny Sampirisi was kind enough to provide us with a list of the Top 5 reasons to attend tonight’s event. Enjoy.

Top 5 reasons to attend the BookThug Book Launch

5) You need a last minute Halloween costume. Go as a BookThug! T-shirts and bookbags will be on sale all night long and when people ask what you are, you can punch them in the gut and steal books off their shelves. (Legal aside: BookThug is a non-violent press).

4) You like the Constantines, or you like free music, or you like an eclectic night: Bry Webb of the Constantines will open the evening with song. See him play for free, and stay for the line up of poets who you might call “word musicians”—or not.

3) You like titles with innuendo: The Coming Envelope Issue #2 will be quietly introduced from across the border as a now foreign species to the Canadian environ since it’s creator moved to Chicago. This also means you’ll be exposed to…yes…Americans.

2) You’re a object fetishist: Maybe not the kind that would wed the Eiffel Tower, but one that might pet a very beautiful book object. This season of BookThug books are particularly gorgeous, each one designed by Jay MillAr in collaboration with the authors and artists.

1) Because you’re a Thug: or you can be! Meet all the authors, get your books signed, have a pint ,and ask them “what the hell were you thinking when you became a poet?” A BookThug is a unique creature with a head full of  new ideas about art and culture. Enter the conversation!