Optimisms 13: D. Cole Ossandon

Optimisms 13: D. Cole Ossandon

Today’s edition of The Optimisms Project is brave and buoyant enough to stand up even to that prime downer of the numeric system: 13. Poet D. Cole Ossandon challenges all downers, numeric or bipedic, to resist her poem, “Poetic Rocket Scientist,” composed in answer to the question we all know by now: What makes you feel optimistic about the future of poetry in Canada?

For project curator Jacob McArthur Mooney’s introduction to The Optimisms Project please go here.

What makes you feel optimistic about the future of poetry in Canada?

Poetic Rocket Scientist

“I became a poet, in part, because I felt that I would have permission to be the most imaginative person in the room and thus I could get away with it. I am very concerned about trying to be at the forefront of the most interesting, literary activity. You know, trying to be a rocket scientist in poetry.” – Christian Bök

Poetry is poetry
before anything else.

A sigh and frustrated bark,
“God, I wish I wrote that.”

Modern poet, like a rock-star
trapped in a broken-down van.
Unbroken seal
atop a vintage bottle.

Extreme optimism is the only defense.
Life’s too short
to be a pessimistic asshole.

A pulse for every silent word.
I bite ears that don’t listen.

D. Cole Ossandon is a writer based in Toronto and Guelph. She currently contributes to various publications and writes Shameless Women, an online column for Shameless Magazine. (www.DesireeO.com, http://twitter.com/DesireeO)