iPadded the iPad News

iPadded the iPad News

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that Apple unveiled their iPad and iBooks store yesterday. While iBooks and the 3G models won’t be available in Canada for a while, everyone’s eagerly anticipating what this oversized iPhone means for publishing. Kobo, Indigo’s ebook branch, is excited; the Globe and Mail is hopeful; The Star thinks the iPad will be a ¬†game-changer; the Quill and Quire chatted with Random House about getting in on the action; and New York Times broke down the iPad’s publishing advantages.

Engadget got their hands on one and filmed it for us and wrote up one of the most thorough (albeit, non-bookish) responses thus far. Self-Publishing Review has a video of iBooks in action. Finally, Jezebel rounded up the best iPad jokes because, really, everyone went there. #iTampon was the number three trending topic on Twitter yesterday. Did Jobs really not see that one coming? Or did he just not care?

In semi-unrelated news (you can choose the font of your choice in iBooks), I Love Typography picked their favourite fonts of 2009. The winners include Trilby, Allumi TPF and Calluna.

The Guardian ranked their top 10 rock’n'roll novels, including High Fidelity, Wuthering Heights and Groupie.

Salon.com is not a fan of book trailers, calling them silly, lame and irrelevant. Yes, sometimes book trailers suck. However, Salon‘s sweeping conclusion is very dismissive of a marketing tool that’s still a work in progress. Maybe they’d feel better if they were watching book trailers on an iPad.